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About me

Velizar Dimitrov – born 1989 in Haskovo, Bulgaria – is a Civil Engineer professional.
Since 2013 he has worked within the construction industry. With diligence and a strong work ethic, he rapidly obtained the position of Project Manager for various projects in the field. His previous workplace – one of the renowned interior design studios in Bulgaria – is where Velizar’s artistic inspiration commenced. 

Whilst remaining between jobs due to the peculiar circumstances of 2020, Velizar discovered his love for painting during the strict international quarantine in the first part of the year. His initial pieces were graphics – created with the basic materials that he had available at his home. Although, the significant start of Velizar’s creative path occurred when he joined the live online courses, held by the famous Bulgarian painter Pavel Mitkov during the artist’s “Stay home and Paint!” campaign. Velizar quickly adopted the essential techniques for painting and after acquiring the necessary materials, he kick-started his journey into the world of art. 

Velizar’s talent and creativity were immediately recognized in his very first attempts at working with color. With the appreciation of his art by the people around also came his motivation to move forward with developing this new passion. 


Collection 2022


"Inspired by the idea and longing for painting,

I found a way to express myself without limitations."


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